Aerial Cinematography 

Drones are the next step in cinema, and we have plenty of them, and are eager to use them. Let us know what you'd like to capture on the next level, and we'll be there. We can add aerial shots to any video, so long as our permits allow it!

3 Axis Studios, LLC stands out because of its understanding of the multiple aspects of aerial filming:


1 - Pre-production:

Thorough planning is crucial to bringing back the stunning images our clients trust us to obtain. We pioneered a meticulous approach, much like the check-list we go through as pilots: we establish an optimal flight plan in preliminary meetings and depending on the assignment, we storyboard the shoot and the camera moves.

2 - Technology:

We've used both aerial drones or helicopters with stabilizers to capture crisp high quality aerial footage, capable of producing 4K cinema quality footage within budget.

The footage is scrutinized after the shoot to ensure the best film quality.

3 - Flying:

Our pilots are registered with the FAA, therefore we follow the FAA guidelines and restrictions on where we can and cannot fly, however 3 Axis Studios, LLC can legally fly in most locations*. 

4 – Post-production:

As resident experts in post-production, we shoot with editing and VFX in mind. Camera angles, composition, dynamic range and tracking are all factored in when we shoot your project.  


*Restrictions apply, contact us to learn more.

We've shot Aerial Footage for music videos, festivals, real estate, private events, and more.  The production value of your project is increibly increased with proper aerial footage, and were here to do it right.