Live Streaming/Festivals

Perhaps one of our most impressive offers, we have the capability of live streaming 4K footage. We have experience shooting for major festivals such as EDC New York, and BeachGlow.  We provide full after movies, as well as raw footage to provide to post production teams. We can stream our camera feeds LIVE with no latency to a switcher or directly to a video wall, so you let us know how many cameras you'd like to use, if they're stationary or moving, and we can stream high quality video to enhance any event.  

We've been noticed by major venues such as Avalon in L.A. and Playstation Theater in Manhattan, and Highline Ballroom in NYC to name a few.  Streaming live video isn't easy, and we even have the capability of streaming LIVE to the internet using your favorite internet streaming websites, or to even live televison.

Live Streaming requires a custom setup between you, us, and your venue or location.  We can provide up to 6 cameras and 1 aerial drone at a max 1080p60 on supported venue screens.  

Capturing amazing footage, while streaming it live is not easy.  Our team has over 5,000 hours experience of testing, practicing, and performance live.  We use state of the art communication systems broadcasting at a 5.4Ghz radio frequency.

We've flown our drones over major venues and festivals and broadcast those live images to screens down below!  Want to see us in action? Take a look at the video below to learn more.